Saturday, 25 January 2014

Make your own padded Ipad Cover

I've been very busy this afternoon making this Ipad cover, which I have to say, as a sewing beginner, I'm quite proud of :).

I have the Ipad 2, but you can make this cover to fit whatever tablet or even phone you want.

First you need to make your template by drawing around your Ipad.

Cut around this and use as your template. You will need to cut 4 pieces. 2 inner pieces and 2 outside pieces. I chose white for the inside and a floral Cath Kidston style for the outside. I drew around the template on the inside pieces so that I had a guide when it came to sewing. When you come to cutting, give your self a good inch for the seam allowance.

Now you need to cut your self 2 pieces of wadding which you need to be a little bigger than your pieces of fabric. Pin the wadding in between the front and back pieces. Make sure both pieces of fabric line up either side of the wadding.

Sew around your fabric on both pieces. When sewing, get as close to the edges as you can. Then trim off any excess.

You should have two pieces like this -

Pin both pieces right sides together. Be sure to use plenty of pins to stop the pieces moving around. The sew the pieces together along 3 sides using your outline as a guide. You want to sew just outside of this line (by maybe half a cm).

Turn right side out and check your seams. Provided no tidying up is needed, turn it inside out again and trim off any excess fabric/wadding along your seams, being very careful not to trim in to them!

To neaten the top I chose a piece of blue gingham. Cut enough so that it will fit all the way around the top of the opening on the ipad cover. Press a 1 cm seam along the length   and then sew the ends of the length together to create a circle which will slip over the top of the cover. It should look like this;

Slip the circle of fabric over the top of your ipad. It needs to be inside out, with the seam you ironed earliar at the top. Make sure the seam of your fabric lines up with the seam of your Ipad cover.

The sew along the seam at the top (along the line where my finger is pointing in the photo. The lift the fabric up from the bottom and tuck inside.

Turn inside out (as above) and stich around the bottom.

Turn right side out and the cover is now ready. You can embellish it with ribbons and buttons as I have done above or leave it as is - and then your finished!

Let me know if you have a go at making this! Happy sewing! :)


Cindy Tang said...

Very sweet

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, I can't wait to make this! Keep them coming!

Shannon said...

Lovin the blog and lovin the post! I've never had the knack to sew so I appreciate so much those who do! A lovely item!

Vanessa Gladman said...

wow ive been looking for an easy pattern for a cover on here, and your's is it. well done, thank you and i am now of to make

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